Running a business is no easy task, and sometimes earnings do not reach their expected value, even with a good team of professionals. Why? There are a number of reasons that stand in the way of productivity: demotivation and lack of direction may be some of them.

There are different ways to stimulate corporate culture and improve internal business processes for more productivity. The participation of the manager during the period of changes to be implemented is essential: usually the team mirrors the figure of the leader, isn’t it?.

Want to know what are the best strategies to improve productivity in your business? Then check it out below!

1. Invest in training courses

Regardless of the periods of crisis, investment in T&D (Training and Development) grew by 21% in 2017 compared to the previous year, 2016.

Managers are realizing that this type of investment is a necessity as it directly relates to employee productivity. Those who are properly trained can better develop their function and, consequently, increase the company’s profits and reduce losses.

2. Looks for a healthy business environment

A healthy work environment is critical to long-term business success, as we spend an average of 8 hours a day there. Work with the following questions:

How is the environment viewed by employees?
Is there a culture of dialogue between staff and managers?
Are there many complaints about HR or other industry actions?
Do employees feel comfortable or can they barely move within the environment?

These questions are related to the organizational climate – if it’s not pleasant, the team is likely to become increasingly unmotivated, which will make productivity a big issue. Bet on changes to improve the environment!

3. Set goals

How is the work routine of managers and staff?
Do you set goals and pass them on to employees?
Do they clearly know what to do and what are the goals to be achieved by the end of the month?

Working on a project without having an end point can be detrimental to productivity. If there are goals and dates (especially dates!) Set the team will naturally be more committed until they reach the final goal.

4. Motivate and value the team

Does your company value and motivate employees? Answer the questions below:

Is the employee of the month elected? Does he receive any rewards for hard work in addition to his monthly salary?
Is there a reward system for goals achieved?
Is there a habit of happy hour with the staff?
Are there more motivations or complaints at company meetings?

With busy routines and a job that takes up a lot of our time, it is common for employees to be demotivated. If there is no culture of dialogue and the manager often complains about staff, productivity is likely to be compromised.

Motivation and appreciation need not be prizes or cash values. We all enjoy having our work recognized, even when we do something small for the company, don’t we? Always recognize a good performance!

5. Use technology

If financial or other industry management is still done through spreadsheets, for example, it may be time to automate processes. Does your team use applications or an efficient online ERP system? Productivity may be stagnant due to the use of old methods. Consider:

develop applications or software tailored to your business;
create a well-structured website or blog – or both;
develop e-commerce stores;
use an online ERP business management software.

The items listed above can contribute significantly to your company’s productivity and success. Good business management software, for example, offers features such as:

financial control;
inventory control;
issuance of invoices and slips.

Productivity is linked to efficient management and optimized processes. When the manager has accurate data to base on, it is easier to direct staff and create business strategies to leverage profits.

And now you know how to improve productivity in your business? Want access to a system that will take you to another level? So get to know the online business management software!

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