We often find ourselves using various platforms and websites, whether for personal or professional purposes. At times, we even get annoyed by some of the flaws that come up while using these platforms, and we don’t even realize that they’ve already received millions of dollars in platform investment, and they also have a super team of tens (and even hundreds). ) from developers who work tirelessly to fix these bugs, implement improvements, and develop new features.

In the business world, these platforms are highlighted. A company needs some software to manage its operation, be it for sales, processes, production or service, customer service, inventory management, accounting… And it’s easy to come across hundreds of platforms out there promising to solve every problem. from the company. But usually each platform is designed to serve a particular area of ​​business, that is, solves a part of the problems.
It is very difficult to find a platform that brings together all the modules and features that the company needs (and when they do, the values ​​are very high), and this may be the dream of many companies, because many platforms do not integrate, forcing the customer entering each platform separately and launching it separately, which creates a lot of hassle, waste of time and difficulty in controlling the information and “beating” the data, generating safe and accurate information.

In the world of micro and small businesses there is a habit of using very little technological resources in business management, either for lack of knowledge, resources or wanting to “save” and reduce expenses, this is where the famous warrior named Excel comes in. Small businesses always rely heavily on the owner to participate in the operation of the business, which makes them not have time to focus on what is really important to business success, such as marketing strategies, financial planning and market positioning.

Many of the existing platforms have been developed to help with business management in most companies, whatever their business segment. However, each company has its own operating, process, and management strategy characteristics, and sometimes that platform may not work for them, and this is actually happening more often, and the demand for customized systems is increasing. fit the real needs of the company.
You may be wondering: Is this possible? My business is very specific, yet can I develop a platform to manage my business? The answer is yes, any business can have its own custom management system.

And do you know why companies are looking to have their own software? For various reasons, such as:

  • There is no solution that meets all needs;
  • The current solution does not fully meet what the business needs;
  • High cost to use current platform;
  • Use of multiple platforms that are not integrated which makes controlling the business difficult;
  • Waste of time trying to manage the business manually, in spreadsheets, notebooks and other physical media;
  • Desire to improve control of costs and operational processes;
  • Desire to optimize the operation and be able to expand the business, increasing the customer base and consequently the revenue.

The world is increasingly connected, and technology is replacing the role with each passing day. People need to be connected all the time and have access to everything from anywhere, whether it’s serving a customer, checking inventory, work orders or making an online quote, it’s important that software be available for online access at any time. any device because you never know when you will need it or when a great business opportunity will arise.

So surely you won’t want to miss out on these opportunities or get annoyed when you can’t access your business information when you need it most, Nano Incub develops software as each business needs it, so it can solve problems that are hampering your business. company leverage or improve its results.

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