There are always those days when we get unmotivated at work and with that you start to feel bad, as if you are falling behind and giving up your career.

This is more normal than you think, surely you who are reading this article have also gone through these times, but I came to show you that this has a solution.

There are some things that are important that will help increase your motivation in your work.

I will present 3 topics that will help you:

Task identification and meaning

It is much easier to work when you are clear of what you are really doing, when you name the task and what you have to do there, here at NSDevelopers one of the tools we use is Trello, which makes our task management much easier, because we name it and as soon as we perform we check it

Another reason is to know the real meaning of that task you are performing, to know what you are working on, after all when we know what we are performing, having a vision of the whole, we become more motivated to finish the task.

Vary your skills

It is important to always vary your tasks, after all doing the same thing every day comes a time that ends up falling into routine and it ends up discouraging.

It is important that you know how to manage your day and tasks for that day so that you can do different tasks and so we stimulate different parts of our brain while maintaining your motivation

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