NSDevelopers | Financial Accounts Management System (FAMS)









“ Manual Accounting or book keeping is risky, time consuming and costly ”

NSDevelopers has launched an online Financial Accounts Management System.Which will enable the business owners to sit back,relax and check their business Accounts & stock with a single click anywhere anytime .

Live Demo | www.famslive.com


  1. Online sales status report
  2. Analysis of Sale and Purchase Stock
  3. Secure and multi level User Accounts
  4. Maintains tracking records of all rectification
  5. Maintains CSR/CRO activities
  6. Mulitiple User access at the same time
  7. Generate Computerized invoice for every transaction
  8. Dedicated Customer Support Team
  9. Online Access to Accounts stock management
  10. Enhanced Data Security
  11. Reduced Human Resource Cost
  12. Runtime Reports.

NSDevelopers | SMS/MMS/Email Web Portal












This application is designed for creation of Contacts, Groups for Contacts, Users, sending and receiving of SMS, MMS and email to an individual contact number or a group of contacts and viewing of received SMS on your computer screen. This application also allows its user to forward an SMS to his/her Group members.

Live Demo | SMS Gatway (Resluts)


  1. Creation of Contact
  2. Creation of Groups for Contacts
  3. Sending an SMS to an individual contact or a group of contacts
  4. Sending an MMS to an individual contact or a group of contacts
  5. Sending an Email to one or more recipients
  6. Receiving of SMS
  7. SMS Forwarding to a specific group from your mobile phone
  8. View SMS and MMS in queue
  9. View Received SMS
  10. View Sent SMS and MMS (with Delivery option)
  11. View Sent Emails etc.


NSDevelopers | File Tracking System

File Tracking System








File management is a critical issue for any government department, to operate effectively. Much of the time government workers are unable to find the file, letter or any other important document, when they need it. A lot of time and energy is wasted in searching that file, letter or any other important document.

File Tracking System is basically a system used for tracking movement of letters and files in Government and Private companies, Government of KP.

Live Demo |



  1. Files and letters efficient management
  2. Employee/Section performance measurement
  3. Tracing a letter or file with just one click
  4. Keep track of file-letter movement
  5. Check pendency
  6. Restricted access



NSDevelopers | SMS Marketing

SMS Gateway








A web based application with the help of which authorized personnel can submit DMC and Result requests for different Boards (e.g. Peshawar Board (BISEP), Mardan Board (BISEM) etc) and get result detail on his/her mobile phone via SMS. This application also helps the user to check his/her transaction detail and request status at different stages.


Live Demo |


  1. Authorization of Account
  2. Submission of Result Request
  3. View Transaction Details
  4. View Request Status
  5. User Control Panel


NSDevelopers | UR Tracker

Safe parking









Monitor Parking button is used for security purposes, When turn ON an auto message “Parking Exit “is generated along with current location information to the first number of your contact list when the vehicle or device leave /exited the  designated area.

Parking radius is 20 meters and location distance is 40 meters set.By default Radius is for area around the vehicle while location distance is for coordinates

Live Demo |


  1. Set a flag on your current location to find out where your vehicle is parked simply Long Click on phone map, a flag will be added to that location for future refrences/tracking.
  2. In Settings you can add three contacts of your choice with the following format i.e. country code , cell number as +923333335353 .
  3. Contact numbers can easily switch ON-OFF GPS through a short message by writing gps for ON and DGPS for OFF .
  4. You can  share your current location information with your secondary contacts,if your contact number send you SMS by writing location ,your current location will be automatically send to that number as you receive message .
  5. For high accuracy please check GPS only .

NSDevelopers | Attendence & Payroll Management System

Attendence & Payroll

Attendance & Payroll Management System covers the requirements of the Administrative Department in terms of Manpower Analysis, day-to-day monitoring of the Attendance, Maintaining Statutory Registers, Monitoring of Leave Records, Calculation of Overtime and transfer of relevant information to the Payroll System. It also works well as a member database. You can create customized attendance reports, event schedules, membership rosters, and attendance forms. The program is easy to use, and it’s well suited for any organization that needs to keep track of attendance.

Live Demo |


  1. User Information—allows the user to manage application user for Application login.
  2. Company Information—allows the user to manage the information regarding his Company
  3. Department Information—allows the user to manage the departments
  4. Manage Employee—allows the user to manage the information about employees
  5. Manage Employee’s Finger Print Registration—allow the employee’s Management.
  6. Manage Payroll—allows the user to manage Employee Payroll.
  7. Manage Accounts—allows the system to integrate with the Company’s Accounting Management System.

NSDevelopers | Complaint Management System

Comlaint Management systemComplaint Management is a management technique for assessing, analyzing and responding to complaints. Complaint Management System is used to record and resolve public/customer complaints. Complaint Management System is designed to meet needs of both Public and Private sector organizations.
This system provides your organization to receive complaints and feedback from your customers and inform them about status of their complaints via SMS using GSM Modem.

Live Demo |


1)      Record Complainant Information
2)      Register Complaint
3)      Inform relevant department of your organization/ Assign Complaint to concerned employee
4)      Keep internal correspondence
5)      Update complainant about status of complaint
6)      Integrated SMS platform ( Send & Receive SMS)
7)      View Complaint Reports
8)      View Complainant Reports
9)      View Department wise complaints (Internal Departments of an Organization)
10)  Customized reports according to your needs
11)  Roles based Authorization & Authentication