First Khyber Pakhtunkhwa based information technology (IT) firm NSDevelopers has been appraised at CMMi level 2 of the CMMI institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). A globally recognized standards for software development practices.

The appraisal was performed by Process Quality Engineering S.I from USA. Click here to view the Published Appraisal Results List on CMMI institute’s website.

CMMI is a capability improvement framework which helps organizations, sharpen their competitive edge by providing better expectedness and greater efficiency, which ultimately leading to lower cost and satisfied customers, says Shakir Afridi Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NSDevelopers.

In software and system engineering, CMMI is a benchmarking tool widely used by industry and government, both in United States and other developed countries, says Mr. Ghandal khan, project manager at NSDevelopers. CMMI acts as a roadmap for process improvement activities ,he said.

He briefed that an appraisal at CMMI maturity level 2 indicates the organization is performing at a “managed” level.

“At this level, projects have ensured that processes are planned and executed in accordance with policy “. The projects employ skilled people who have adequate resources to produce controlled outputs, involve relevant stakeholder; are monitored, controlled, and reviewed; and are evaluated for adherence to their process description” he added.

Mr. Shakir Ullah, CEO of NSD said its an honor for NSDevelopers that their work and processes have received the highest  form of third party-party (international)  validation. ”In fact it happened first time in the province that a KP based IT firm received the highest of third-party validation “ he said

Mr. Shakir Ullah said that in NSD we are trying to empower our youth with IT. “NSDevelopers is an institution for the youth of KP and FATA where they are learning about IT as no one can deny the importance of IT in this digital age” he said.

Majid Anwar, Director Commercialization of NSDevelopers said “our basic objective is to facilitate citizens of the province by using IT and E-Governance techniques.

He said we are trying to improve internal efficiency of the government departments. Improve access to information, Provide e-services to citizens and bring greater transparency in government citizens interactions.

he said initiative introduction of Computerized Cards for Arms Licenses in the province maintaining sensitive data regarding holder’s of firearms. Various kind of reports will be generated that will assist law enforcement agencies. This initiative also increases revenue, promote greater transparency and improvement in service delivery to public along with ease of data analysis for the law enforcement agencies.

NSDevelopers was appraised on the projects, Computerization of Arms License, E-Enablement of Municipal corporation Peshawar and Khawanzi Manager projects. Now onward all the projects and products will be followed with CMMi defined processes for developing quality software in NSDevelopers.

CMMI institute is the global leader in the advancement of the best practices in people process and technology. The institute provides the tools and support for organizations to benchmark their capibilities and build maturity by comparing their operations to the best practices and identitying performance gaps.